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By Staff Reporter
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Speaking with this publication in 2013​, XstalBio’s then CSO Barry Moore said the centrifuge-based CentuRecon platform offered an alternative to the traditional “manual swirling”​ method used by drug companies to reconstitute a product from a lyophilised state.
This “would typically take at least 30-40 minutes of manual swirling to make a 200 mg/ml solution,”​ and “is likely to have some foam on top of it which may reduce the volume that can be injected.”
He added that by using a centrifuge to remove adsorbed air bubbles from a suspended powder, the CentuRecon platform can produce an injectable, foam-free solution within a fraction of the time.
Now, according to Nat Baldwin at commercial intellectual property consulting company Metis Partners, the numerous patent applications underpinning the CentuRecon technology are available to buy.
“The company entered liquidation a few months ago and the liquidators are now looking to realise its assets,”​ he told Biopharma-Reporter.
“We think the technology may be of interest to the pharma, and particularly biologic pharmaceuticals, space as well as medical device developers and manufacturers, with a specific focus on centrifuge and syringe producers.”
As for the price, he told us “no minimum offer level has been set at this stage”​ and has invited interested parties to submit an offer by noon GMT tomorrow.

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