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Sinking Spring, PA (PRWEB)
Grafika is pleased to announce the acquisition of neighboring Berks County commercial printer, Offset Impressions.
“We’re excited about the acquisition of Offset Impressions with its full line of printing capabilities and knowledgeable team members,” according to Bernard Elzer, III, CEO of Grafika. “This acquisition allows us to offer an ever wider breadth of products to our clients, in addition to the labeling, packaging, and specialty services we already offer. It also complements the commitment we’ve made to capital improvements this year with new equipment, including a state-of-the-art Heidelberg XL106 Hybrid UV press.”
Grafika will continue to operate Offset Impressions in its current Mountain View Road location with the same teams in place to serve clients. Offset Impressions’ founding owner and president, George Ruth, will remain with the company in a consultant role for the next year.
About Grafika
Since 1963, Grafika has been an industry leader in innovative printing solutions. Grafika is an award-winning, multi-dimensional printer that specializes in customized, detailed print and packaging offerings for a wide range of clients nationwide. The company’s focus on client relationships, attention to detail, and constant improvement keeps it at the forefront of the printing industry.
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